Dear Parents, Kindly Pay the Composite Fee and Transport Maintenance Charges Through Indian Bank Scanner/Payment Gateway instead of Canara Bank Scanner /Payment Gateway w.e.f 27th March 2023.      

Provisional Admission Open for Class XI All streams available (Science , Commerce, Humanities) Limited seats available from Nursery onwards      


“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”. In keeping with this dictum we are an educational institution that is tech savvy, focusing on education based on technology. We are a 21st Century New Generation School that is known to provide contemporary, practical, flexible and ever evolving learning programme to awaken unique traits in each student so that he/she is able to strive to attain the highest potential in a secure, well supported and all-inclusive learning environment, but still we are rooted to our tradition, culture, heritage and in the process never forgetting our moral and ethical values. Read More

New Functioning Block of Kindergarten - Buds 'N' Blooms’

From The Dean's Desk

  • Welcome to the exhilarated world of Doonites!
    I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for an auspicious and felicitous culmination of a successful inning which has been made an enthralling triumph by the efforts of not only one single person but with the ceaseless support of my entire 'Doon Family'. First of all, I express my profound regards to all the parents associated with our institution, for an outstanding contribution with their continuous support and cooperation in all my endeavors till date. I am extremely thankful to the students who come to school every day, to learn, reminding us of our aims and goals, to be here in the school every minute; .....

From Director Principal's Desk

  • " What Sculptor is to a block of marble, Education is to the human soul."
    Dear Parents
    It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the school website. Over the past years, it had been a euphoric and blissful joyride all through the span of my working as Vice-Principal of this "Temple of Knowledge", ever since its inception. Transitioning from the Commander's seat to the Navigator's seat of the school leadership, has placed in my hands, a new kind of faith in my abilities. While placing those keys of responsibilities in my hands, Captain Sanjay Anand SM, the founder principal of this Flagship of Doon, put forth his absolute trust .....


  • Interpersonal Social Skill Development

    Theoretical knowledge of a subject alone can no longer guarantee the success of a child. To thrive in this technology-driven world, students need to be equipped with 21st-century skills -- collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Doon Public School sincerely believe that love for learning and passion for exploring lead to the development of a community of life-long learners

School Toppers


  • Suryansh Vehan Pendyala

    CLASS: L.K.G A


  • Mrs. Vandana Malik
    Vice- Principal
  • Mrs. Upasana Sharma
    Mentor (IX-XII)
  • Mrs.Ekta Dhawan
    Mentor (V - VIII)
  • Mrs. Bharti Goyal
    Mentor (I to IV)
  • Mrs.Tulsi Kaushal
    Mentor (Nursery to UKG)
  • Mrs. Sonal Sharma
    Resource Person
  • Ms. Nidhi Bhalla
    LOC, Registration IX, & XI Board Examination & Result
  • Ms. Kiran Chandi & Mentors
    School Examination & Result
  • Ms. Vartika and Ms. Pooja Singh
    Result Software & Result Printing
  • Ms. Simran
    Overall house Incharge
  • Ms. Aditi Kohli
    Inter-School Activities by CBSE and DEO & any other
  • Ms. Aditi Kohli, Ms. Simran & PRT English
    English Press Note
  • Ms. Madhu, Ms. Anjali
    Hindi Press Note
  • Ms. Bindu Gulati & Ms. Prerna
  • Mrs. Nisha Chauhan
    All kinds of correspondence & CBSE related work
  • Ms. Diksha Khurana
    Cleanliness Building
  • Ms. Surjit & Ms. Vartika
    Vaccination and Medical Related Responsibilities
  • Mrs. Ritu Sharma
  • Mrs. Vartika
    Overall Club Incharge