Amendment in the transport rule - "Incase any of the students availing School Transport has to be picked from school by the parents for any reason, the school must be informed in writing/mail, well before time i.e before 12 noon."      

Dear Parents, Kindly Pay the Composite Fee and Transport Maintenance Charges Through Indian Bank Scanner/Payment Gateway instead of Canara Bank Scanner /Payment Gateway w.e.f 27th March 2023.      


Teacher is the second most important person in a child’s life, after her parents, of course and only parents can help them make their concord and bonding a secure and rewarding one. A healthy bonding between the two helps the child student feel confident and good about school and be successful in life. It demonstrates the child automatically that he/she can trust his/her teachers because their parents do. So, we at Doon Public School adhere to a congenial two-way communication between parents and the school for successful development of each child’s overall holistic growth. We believe that when parents and the teachers share some relevant information about the child-student, the benefits are directly reciprocated to the child. We communicate through personal contacts, newsletters, messaging, phone calls, orientation, Parent –Teacher meets, emails, websites, notices and circulars, workshops, celebrating special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day GrandParents Day etc.

Parents being an indispensable part of the functioning of the school, are honoured and revered with trophies and citations for their outstanding cooperation in all the school endeavours.We confer honours on the Parents by bestowing them with the ‘Best Parent Award’ trophy.

School plays a vital role in the shaping of a child's personality but much of the chiseling is done at home. The school cannot fulfil its objectives unless parents co-operate with us. This Chronicle will establish a valuable liaison between the teachers and parents with regard to the quality and quantity of work being attempted by the students in school and at home. We insist that parents look into their ward's school dairy everyday and ensure that the assigned home task is being carried out by the student regularly. The child should be encouraged to cultivate neatness in their work. Parents should read with their children, help their children to make judicious use of gadgets, play with them to encourage them to be involved in outdoor sports & be a good listener to their children. Parents should take note of and countersign the remarks made in the diary from time to time by the school authorities.

Parents are advised that any comment made in the diary by them should be confined to the student's work and conduct. No purpose will be served by critical reference entered in the diary in respect of teaching method; such remarks will only bring the school and the home at variance with each other. However, if a parent has any suggestions to make, the Principal shall be happy to receive them through written communication separately or personally.Criticism of teachers or of the school in the presence of the student be scrupulously avoided because it causes the student to lose respect for his/her teachers. Should a parent have any legitimate complaint, he is advised to see the Principal.

If any parent feels that a student is not making the desired progress, an appointment with the Principal should be sought. Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. No teacher of our school is allowed to tutor any student studying in the school.