Amendment in the transport rule - "Incase any of the students availing School Transport has to be picked from school by the parents for any reason, the school must be informed in writing/mail, well before time i.e before 12 noon."      

Dear Parents, Kindly Pay the Composite Fee and Transport Maintenance Charges Through Indian Bank Scanner/Payment Gateway instead of Canara Bank Scanner /Payment Gateway w.e.f 27th March 2023.      


“You can have great teachers, but if you don’t have a good Principal, you won’t have a good school" This quote by E.L. Board truly exemplifies the Principal of the school Mrs. Sunita Anand, a dynamic lady with extra-ordinary qualities. She is an amiable, compassionate personality who balances the strict disciplinary atmosphere with her affectionate attitude and motherly treatment meted out to the students as well as the faculty. Capt. Sanjay Anand, SM an ex-Army Officer, a Gallantry Awardee by the President of India and recipient of many National and International awards is the Dean of the school. She is blessed with the managerial guidance of a seasoned educationist, Mr. Anand Swaroop, who is the founder of not only the Panchkula branch, but also the New Delhi Branch and a Home for destitute girls, in Dehradun and who has with him the wisdom of more than six decades of educational experience, both at the national as well as the international level. Being a strict disciplinarian, the Principal does not allow any infirmity to creep into the functioning of the school and he strictly adheres to running it in an efficient manner.

In compliance to being in a technology rich environment, our teachers are also trained to use the latest technology to be incorporated in their teaching methodology. Professional development is critical during their deployment, in addition to various workshops and training programmes being held throughout the year. Inspite of all this, our faculty is never far away from following the traditional, moral and ethical values that are already imbibed in them and so are easily transferred to the students as well.

The teachers are honoured for providing the best Board Results, for being at beck and call and working beyond the Call of Duty.

The school has Co-ordinators and Block Incharges for the Primary, Middle and Secondary/Sr. Secondary Levels who act as a bridge between the staff, students, parents and management.

Thereafter, we have Head of the Departments for each subject who co-ordinate the smooth functioning of their subjects and resolve any in-house dilemmas for smooth functioning of their departments - hand to hand with the staff and the students.

The faculty teaching the Senior Secondary classes is highly experienced, indigenous, efficient and always on the move to enable students to gear up to tackle the Board exams with a positive outlook and also preparing the students for their other competitive examinations.

The faculty taking the middle classes are also equally efficient and hardworking. They have a strenuous task at hand as they cater to the students in their growing years and adolescence and they do this like fish takes to water.

The faculty that looks after the Kindergarten and Primary levels are mother figures to the students as at this stage they require love, affection and care to nurture and develop their personalities. The kids being at such an impressionable age and the most vulnerable are looked after by well-experienced staff who are surrogate mothers to the tiny-tots who are taking their baby steps out of their homes.


We believe in equal opportunity for all and so we give normal environment to specially abled children also and have Special Educators who takes special care of them and guides and motivates them to improve and better their performances. We also have an in-house counsellor, to help the students to cope up with various levels of stress, peer pressure, exam pressure, adolescence issues or career choices etc. From time to time counseling sessions are conducted for middle, secondary and senior secondary classes to guide them and channelize them to the right path.