Thought:- "True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are, it is what you become."      

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We aim to achieve excellence in learning both with classroom and beyond and be the best modern generation 21st century school, yet being cost effective, creating a generation that would be knowledgeable, responsible, caring & confident individuals in an ever changing world.

  • to be the best smart school
  • to encourage analytical & creative thinking
  • to be individualistic, yet believe in team work
  • to make world’s information accessible to all
  • to value excellence
  • to be life long learners
  • to endeavour and strive to better each performance

Core Values
  • dedication, devotion, commitment
  • trust, mutual respect
  • organizational pride
  • honesty, integrity, serenity
  • inspiring leadership & belief in yourself
  • confidence, compassion, cheer