Admissions Open for Fully A.C. kindergarten block "Buds 'N' Blooms" (Pre-Nur to UKG). Limited Seats for Class- I onwards till Class- XII(All streams) are available.      


Dear Worthy Parents,

'A man without Education is like a building without foundation'.

Many of us are impressed by the grandeur of a school's building, but we at Doon Public School consider it as a facility which houses our students, whom we term as Gen. Next. We view that teachers are the stepping stone in preparing our students to find a place in contemporary society. In actual fact, the growth of a student is like building a bridge on three strong pillars; one which bears the weight of the institution, another a mother-child bond between the teacher and the student, and, yet one more is imbibing moral values which sustain him for a lifetime. At the same time, we ensure that we are 'pocket friendly'.

We also nurture another belief that as a mother is to her child at home, a teacher is a mother at school. For this reason we look to you to be our partners in promoting your child's growth, without which we would be severely handicapped in fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to us by you.
With this assurance we are certain that his time spent in school would not only be worthwhile but also be cherished by him as the best period of his growing years.

Doon Public School