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CONGRATULATION FOR 100% EXCELLENT CLASS X AND XII CBSE RESULT ........CLASS X - Harshit Mahajan (Mathematics 99, English 92, Science 93, Social Science 96, Hindi 90, Punjabi 93 ) , Medhavi ( Mathematics 100, Science 93, Social Science 95 ,Punjabi 92 , Information Technology 96) , Kirti Bhat (Mathematics 99, English 95, Science 92, Social Science 93, Information Technology 92) ,Shresty Tyagi (Mathematics 99, English 94, Science 90 ,Social Science 95, Information Technology 92 ),Mehak Garg (Mathematics 99, English 96, Social Science 95, Hindi 92, Information Technology 90), Akshit Bansal (Mathematics 98, Social Science 92 ,Hindi 94, Information Technology 96), Shaurya Prasad (Mathematics 94, English 99, Science 90 ,Social Science 90, Information Technology 94), Yashita Prajapati (Mathematics 93, English 97, Social Science 94, Hindi 95, Information Technology 96 ),Kumud Manan( Mathematics 96, English 92 ,Hindi 94), Samridh Sharma( Mathematics 90, English 92, Social Science 95 ),Bhumi Ahlawat (Mathematics 94 ,English 94, Social Science 91 ),Dev Singla (Mathematics 99, English 92, Science92), Shivam Kesri ( Mathematics 97 ,Social Science 94 Bhaavya Tuteja English 91 ,Hindi 91, Information Technology 90 ),Ravi Kumar Jha (Mathematics 96, English 90), Aanchal Negi (Mathematics 97 Nitish Kumar Pandit Mathematics 93), Kushal Ahlawat (Mathematics 90), Arnav Dwivedi (Mathematics 90 Madhurima Lidoo Social Science 90 Kirti Hindi 90) CLASS XII Science - Kushagra Gupta( English 92), Rydham Vashishtha( English 96), Raghav Manan (English 94 , Physical Education 93), Aakrit (English 95, Physics 95 , Chemistry 97, Biology 95 , Physical Education 93), Yuvrajpreet Singh Shienh (English 94, Chemistry 94, Computer Science 90),Kaamaakshi Bhat (English 97 , Physical Education 98), Pranjali Saini (English 96, Physics 95 , Physical Education 99), Saumya Unnikrishnan (English 90 , Physical Education 98), Bhavi Nandal (English 95 , Chemistry 95 , Biology 95 , Mathematics 95 , Physical Education 100 ),Malyaj Singh( English 94), Abhinav Thakur (English 93 ),Muskan Singh (English 95 , Physical Education 99 ),Jeevan Gurung (Physical Education 97 ),Utkarsh Rai (English 94), Nishita Khanna( English 91). CLASS XII Commerce - Himanshi (English 91 , Accountancy 95 , Economics 93 , Business Studies 94 , Physical Education 96), Sonal Sheoran( English 94 , Accountancy 95 , Economics 99, Business Studies 97 , Physical Education 96. Mandeep Kaur (English 90 , Economics 91 , Business Studies 94 , Physical Education 97), Jigmat Palmo (English 90 , Business Studies 92 , Physical Education 99), Nalin Chawla (English 95) CLASS XII Humanities Ankita Bora (English 98 , Psychology 97 , Political Science 98, Economic 92 , Physical Education 100 ),Nidhi Beri (English 91, Economic 91 , Physical Education 97), Pratishtha Singh Kunwar (English 94, Psychology 90, Physical Education 94), Eashy Dolkar English 94, Psychology 93 , Physical Education 98. Tsetan Dolkar Physical Education 92, Thinles Dolker, Physical Education 96. Tsering Nodol English 90, Psychology 91, Physical Education 94. Umang (Physical Education 92), Harpreet Kaur( English 92),Rigzen Yangdol (Physical Education 95)      

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Annual Report 2018-19

It was a moment of zest when our school was accorded the seventh rank in the state of Haryana in 2015 and since then we have been maintaining this position, repeatedly for three consecutive years, by begetting the same laurel in the Education World, hoping to achieve a position , smaller in number this year, which is yet to be declared. Doon kept its flag unfurling when once again it was felicitated for being one of the top schools of India by the Digital Learning, and three of our teachers were awarded for their commitment to teaching and learning by Sahodya, CBSE Panchkula.
We have added another feather in our cap by being nominated amongst the top schools of India in the – ‘BRAIN FEED SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018-19’. ‘ The ceremony will be held in Agra, on December 16, 2018. Doon Public School has been a perfect epitome of excellence and quality schools across the country where talent is not only discovered but also nurtured in expert hands, and the latent talent is given ample exposure so that it can be groomed and sharpened more effectively.
We at Doon strive for proficiency and dexterity rather than perfection because perfection leads to the dead end whereas proficiency aims at betterment and improvement with each attempt.
Infrastructure in any institution is supposed to be one of the most significant attributes for its smooth and successful functioning. Infrastructural facilities in Doon Public School, are now at their crowning touch after the consummation of Buds n Blooms , the centrally air-conditioned Kindergarten wing of the school, in a separate building of the campus, which earlier used to be in the same old building, along with the senior wing. This has been the most significant debut of the current academic year. Another inducement of the year includes the Solar Panels of 70 KV , which have been installed in both the buildings of our school, to conserve energy and to be a part and promoter of the greener community. Ours is the only institution who’s the biggest promoter of greener community in the tricity. In addition to this, we have a Rain Water Harvesting System, Recycling of waste and proper disposal of waste drive. Also, a annual tree plantation drive. Our school has now been placed amongst the top 50 schools of India, top 10 schools of Haryana and top 4 schools of Panchkula.
Our new Kindergarten wing "Buds 'N' Blooms" has been awarded the Best Campus Design 2018-19.
I feel very delighted to give you a sense of, how very sincerely, the teaching learning processes take place here at Doon. This is very well indicated by the meritorious results produced by our students in the CBSE board examination every year in class X, as well as XII, right since the inception of our school. Our class X students have always been amongst the top 10 contenders in the tricity, yielding an exceptionally wondrous result every year. And class XII students are also aiming to reach the pinnacle of their goals and achievements which we hope, they will procure soon, in the coming years.
This year in class X, Kriti Mahajan and Samridhi Punj won accolades for the school by standing 2nd in the tricity, securing 97.2% marks and Bhavi Nandal securing equally brilliant result of 96.4%.
With motivation, fueled by the power of education as a transformative force for Global good, the school’s goal is to graduate the students with the skills, knowledge and character to succeed in the “Innovation Age”.
The education system at Doon follows a 2-way learning process by providing opportunities to their students, to engage in experiential learning that fosters global connects, which , in the long run let them face the global competencies and enhance their education and employment opportunities beyond the Secondary Education . The splendid placings of our alumni in various distinguished fields locally as well as globally, sets an adept example for this. We really feel elated and proud to see our alumni, coming out to be future doctors, engineers and many other outstanding professionals at the national as well as global front. Not only academics, but also sports and athletics have been an integral part of our school curriculum, right since beginning, Every year we have our basket ball, skating and taekwondo tournaments with the same flamboyant spirit and our school is the venue for various state level championships of basket ball and skating. Doonites have always proved their mettle, by bringing laurels to the school, in various Inter school tournaments at district, state and national level, till date. And onwards also, we will keep adding feathers to our glorious crown of accolades. My heart swells with pride divulging the creative brilliance of our budding Fashionistas of class-XI and XII, who have shown their sparkle in the fashion world by competing with the graduate and post-graduate students of universities, and winning cash prize. This year also they have won blue ribbons for our school. The school nowhere lags behind in promoting various social and environmental causes. Tree Plantation programme was held in our school premises as an annual feature. But this year more than 400 saplings were gifted to promote the greener community.
Swachch Bharat campaign was undertaken by the staff and the students to promote the hygienic practices and sanitation in the nearby areas of the school, who cleaned the school premises and the surroundings on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the birthday of the Father of the Nation. The school has also been awarded the “Swachchta Puraskar” for having the most immaculate and hygienic surroundings, inside and around the school campus.
School has also been awarded the Green Building award for 2018-19. The assessment and review of the year gone by leaves us yearning for more creative targets for the times ahead. Though we are ever changing and dynamic , but what remains constant is the faith in our faculty for an honest upbringing of our students and the love that all our well-wishers and you dear parents rest in us. May this never cease by the God’s grace.