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21 Sep 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula reinforced ‘Swachhtta hi Sewa Campaign- 2019’, launched by the honorable Prime Minister, Sh. Narender Modi, which focused primarily on plastic waste management to limit the use of single use plastic as its key thing. It aimed at intensifying the momentum by encouraging the masses to undertake voluntary activities for swachhatta, which the school heads along with the students and teachers took up in an extensive manner. Shramdaan activity was undertaken during which students were mobilized to collect plastic waste and clutter it at one place for a safe disposal thereafter. The school authorities and the students profusely supported the campaign with full passion and zing and also promoted and publicized it on social media sites.
20 Sep 2019

'SCAVENGER HUNT' at 'Buds 'N' Blooms'
13 Sep 2019

Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula, celebrated ‘Yellow Day’ with the aim of spreading happiness, energy and optimism all around. The students came dressed in their favorite yellow dresses. The play area was decorated with yellow coloured ‘Unicorn Dream Catchers’ and other yellow items. Focusing on the theme, the teachers organized fun games and activities like ‘Bombing the City’, ‘Banana Hunt’ , ‘Tweety Making’ for the children in a lovely and high spirited environment. Through these games and activities, kids exhibited their colour recognition skills. The vibrancy of yellow colour left the kids refreshed, joyful and filled their heart with happiness.
06 Sep 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula celebrated Teachers’ Day on September 4 & 5, 2019. ‘Choir group singing’, ‘speeches’, ‘poetry recitation’ and dances were organised to mark the significance of the day. Role reversal was also trending event on this day. Where senior students took the classes giving relief to their teachers. The principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand addressed the gathering making the jubilation even more significant and important. A special programme was organised on 5th September 2019 with the forum of Senior Citizen in Education Panchkula. The event involved honouring the senior citizens, distinguished teachers and meritorious students of the school for their commendable contributions in the field of education. The event was well applauded by the Chief Guest Dr Swami Manisha ji Maharaj. Another very significant feature was the release of the school magazine ‘Panorama’ dedicated to the ‘Teachers by the Teachers’. Veteran educationalist A.S Anand and M.M Juneja were honoured for their commendable contribution in the field of education and research. The show ended on a high note with the beautiful rendition of a song dedicated to teachers.
02 Sep 2019

In order to show adherence to their mentors in the form of showcasing their poetic talent, the students of classes I to V, participated in the INTER-CLASS POETRY RECITATION CONTEST, on the theme- "A TRIBUTE TO THE TEACHERS", held in the school today. All the children enthusiastically recited their poems, with beautiful actions and expressions, with all their reverence and devotion towards their loving teachers. Essence, theme, connotation, meaning, voice modulation and other attributes of poetry were well captured through their performance.
02 Sep 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula hosted a poetry recitation meet for the budding women poets in its premises, where the poetesses from all around the nation came to become witness to an evening filled with melodious, invoking, inspiring and self composed poems recited by the enthusiastic women poets. The event of Mahila Kavyamanch is organised every year with an aim of providing a platform and an opportunity to the women of all ages to come up and showcase their talent in front of the world. The poems recited on the events were on various themes such are – humour, women empowerment etc. The Principal and the Chief Guest of the event Mrs. Sunita Anand also took the opportunity and recited her self composed Hindi poem dedicated to her mother, leaving everyone in the audience filled with tremendous emotions. The event was a huge success as it left everyone mesmerized and motivated.
30 Aug 2019

With the aim of an all round development of all the students Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula organized an Inter Class Debate and Declamation Competition for the students of classes III to XII in four different groups. The students very enthusiastically participated in the competitions and performed with utmost dedication and passion. The students expressed their views over the various burning and debatable issues, such as- Can we survive without Internet? ; Is Science just Advantageous?, etc. The participants from all the classes showcased exemplary performances and it was an utter delight to know the revolutionary views of the young generation of our nation. The judges had a difficult time in deciding the winners for the contests. Yet the best were chosen and awarded - Arshia of Class III, Aanvi of Class VI, Samridh and Sonal of Classes X and XII all stood first in their respective groups for Declamation Competition. While, Aarvi of Class V, Kristi of Class VIII and Ankita of Class XII stood first in different class categories for Debate Competition. The Principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand was delighted to see her students rising up and performing brilliantly in the Literary Competitions. She also motivated the other students to take the initiative and participate in the various activities organized by the school as she believes in the holistic development of every child of her school.
30 Aug 2019

Birthday Celebration at 'Buds 'N' Blooms'.
29 Aug 2019

To promote the Fit India Movement on National Sports Day, Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula, showed the live telecast of ‘Maan Ki Baat’ where our Honourable Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi addressed the entire nation and inaugurated the movement from the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Delhi. The students were made to take a pledge along with the entire nation to stay fit and healthy. The school also encourages its students to stay healthy with regular exercises, practice of Yoga and warm up workout in everyday assembly. The Principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand, also shared her beliefs with the students where she talked about the value of fitness and the need to be fit for everyone. She also mentioned that our kids are the torchbearers of the nation and thus they need to lead a healthy life themselves and spread awareness about the same amongst the others and play their role of being a responsible citizen of the country.
28 Aug 2019

The School has proudly inaugurated the 4th child counselling centre in the city. The centre was inaugurated by Sh. Anil Malik, Nodal Officer, Haryana state council for child welfare. Sh.Malik very affectively also addressed the students of classes 9th to 12th and enlightened them with the knowledge of their rights as a child.
22 Aug 2019

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated at Buds ‘n’ Blooms, the kindergarten section of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula with great fervor and gaiety. All the boys came dressed as ‘Krishna’ and girls dressed as ‘Radha’. Beautiful decorations and ‘Matki Phod’ made the event more cheerful and colourful. The teachers explained the significance of Janmashtami to the students. They all danced on the tunes of ‘garba’ and enjoyed the day to the fullest.
19 Aug 2019

With the aim of helping develop a child’s voice, vision and identity and to strengthen their connection between visual and other forms of expression, World Photography Day was celebrated at Buds ‘N’ Blooms. The kids were encouraged to look for and photograph certain colours found in nature. Taking photos helped kids visualize the same thing in different ways. They were also told about the importance of their safety and other people’s privacy- They should never click pics of someone without permission.
13 Aug 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula celebrated 73rd Independence Day in the school premises and dedicated it to the feeling of patriotism in each one of us which is the actual spirit that enables us to step forward for doing our bit for our country and embrace the whole humanity. The celebration began with a dance performance by the students which showcased the ethos and spirit of the Indian soldiers who sacrifice their lives for honouring and safe guarding our ‘Independence’. It was a proud moment to watch the students, spread the essence of the ‘tri -color’, wrapped in emotions and pride for our motherland, through speeches, patriotic songs and foot- tapping dance numbers. The curtain fell with the speech of the honourable Principal, Mrs Sunita Anand, who enlightened all, about their predominant duties towards our nation and to continue with the same zeal and passion and work for the country’s progress.
08 Aug 2019

In order to nurture the aesthetic skills of the children along with imbibing a true spirit of patriotism among them, an Inter-Class Solo/Duet Song Competition was held at DOON, for classes IV- IX and also class XI. The keynote of the activity was "Patriotism" and all the students showcased their talent with exhilarating spirits. They presented beautiful patriotic songs in the name of their motherland India, the audacious soldiers and the gallant martyrs. It was indeed a wonderful step towards inculcating the National values and Patriotism among the children, all encompassing piety and reverence for their nation.
08 Aug 2019

Green colour celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement by the tiny tots of Buds n Blooms.
07 Aug 2019

It was a proud moment for Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula as it’s students once again brought laurels in various sports during the Interschool District Sports Meet 2019-20. In Table-Tennis competition held at Manav Mangal, Sector-11, Panchkula, the Under- 19 Boys team comprising of Ritesh Thakur, Abhishek K. Pandit and Dhruv Sharma won a Silver Medal; In Taekwondo competition, held at Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Ankush Rana won a Gold Medal for performing in Under- 17 Boys category while Anshul Kumar and Pamalpreet Kaur won a Silver Medal each performing in Under-17 &19 Girls category respectively. In Skating competition held at Bhavan Vidyalaya Sector-15, Harshvardhan won Silver Medals in both 1000 meter and 500 meter race in the Under- 14 Boys category. In Badminton competition, also held at Tau Devi Lal Stadium, the duo of Gunit Nakkra and Lakshay Sharma won a Silver Medal in under 14 Boys category. The Principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand, congratulated the winners and motivated the other students to participate whole heartedly in the upcoming sports events.
05 Aug 2019

Friendship Day Celebration at 'Buds 'N' Blooms'
01 Aug 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula was delighted as it’s students once again brought laurels back home in the Inter-School Zonal Competition 2019-20 held at Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Sector-3, Panchkula. In Under 14 Boys category, Nirpesh Subedi of class VIII won two gold medals in Shot Put and Discus throw, and Puneet won a silver medal in 600 m race. In Under 17 Boys category, Saksham Bhatt of class IX won a gold medal in 200 m race; In Under 14 Girls category, Simran Dhankar of class VIII won a silver medal in 600 m race while Sonal Sheroan of class XII won 2 gold medals in 3000m and 200m race in - Under 19 Girls category. The Principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand expressed her happiness and congratulated her students and teachers for this glorious achievement.
31 Jul 2019

Birthday Celebration at 'Buds 'N' Blooms'.
26 Jul 2019

In order to nurture the value of environment protection and conservation among children, a creative craft activity, ‘Best Out of Waste’ was organised at Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula. Little hands came together in a creative burst of energy during this activity. The students used plastic bottles to make flowers, planters, butterflies etc. This activity helped to enhance not only the creativity, but also helped them to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them. As utilizing the best from unwanted things has become a generic necessity of every human’s life, the teachers played a significant role in nurturing the value of environment protection and conservation among children through this activity. This global significance of creating something useful out of waste things was a great experience for all.
23 Jul 2019

We at DOON staunchly believe that dexterity to communicate effectively is a key skill, and, the more proficient we are at it, the better is the quality of life of ours. In order to enhance and nurture the Literary communicative skills of our students, so that they could speak their heart out on the given topics, an Inter-Class Debate Competition was held at DOON Public School for the classes III- XII. Varied topics were given to the children to speak in favour and against, of those issues. All the children earnestly expressed themselves to prove their points logically and with reasoning. It was indeed a very conducive and productive session.
19 Jul 2019

‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’, a rain dance party was organised for the kids of Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula to beat the heat and to have fun. The little ones were splendidly dressed up in colourful swim suits and thoroughly enjoyed by splashing water on each other from the sprinkling showers and dancing and jumping to different tunes. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, the kids played games and enjoyed making castles in the sand pit. The teachers made sure that the kids were provided with high level of safety and also told the kids about the importance of conserving and reusing water. The entire area was decorated with buntings made of waste paper. Smiling faces of the children infused the atmosphere with energy and fun.
14 Jul 2019

A workshop for teachers on ‘Classroom Management’ was held at Doon Public School, Sector 21, Panchkula. The two days workshop focused on the critical issues faced by the teachers in today’s modern time classrooms. The CBSE resource persons Mrs. Jaya Bhardwaj, Principal, Hansraj Public School, Panchkula and Mrs. Anuja Sharma, Principal, DAV Public School, Chandigarh, conducted the workshop with utmost perfection. They shared their views on one of the greatest challenges teachers face today in their profession – managing the classes with a large number of students and lack of sufficient teaching learning aids. They stressed upon the fact that effective classroom management requires teachers to have skills and clear ideas of what exactly is needed to create an effective teaching and learning environment in the classroom. The resource persons proficiently indulged the teachers present at the workshop in various activities making their experience more real and effective. It was an interactive session which was also a great learning experience for them.
12 Jul 2019

With a firm belief that a strong foundation in grooming and personal hygiene habits will help the children in a long way in their life journey, ‘Grooming Day’ was held at Buds ‘n’ Blooms, the kindergarten section of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula. . As good health is closely linked to good grooming and personal hygiene, the children were made aware of the importance of good hygiene to avoid the spread of common illnesses for a healthy living. They were told about the hygiene habits like washing of hands before and after the meals, brushing the teeth twice a day, bathing regularly, trimming of nails, proper use of toilets etc.
27 May 2019

Doon Public School, Sector 21, Panchkula, organised a workshop for its teachers pertaining to Financial Education. The workshop was conducted by Mr. H.S Kalra, a resource person from SEBI. The session aimed at enlightening the staff members with the importance of Smart Investment and also spreading awareness about the various investment schemes by the Government for the citizens of the nation.
25 May 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula in collaboration with Umang Abhivyakti Manch, organised Kavi Samelan in the premises of the school. The event was organised with the view of empowering the women by showcasing the talent of the poetesses coming from everyday Indian homes. The event celebrated publication of the book which is compilation of the hindi poems penned down by the new age women of our country. The event was a huge success as many people turned up from all over the country to participate in the event by reciting and enlightening the audience about the heating social issues which requires the immediate attention of the people of our nation, by means of their well versed poetry. The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Sunita Nain, who also adorned the audience by reciting a self-composed poem, followed by a poem by the Principal of Doon, Mrs. Sunita Anand. The day ended with serenity in the air and in the hearts of the people.
17 May 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula organized a picnic to a park for the students of Buds ‘N’ Bloom the kindergarten section with the aim of promoting learning through outdoor interactions and experiences. There was hustle and bustle when the students of different classes made their way to their respective buses. The students explored the park under the supervision of the teachers and played a few games. The laughter and joy that was intenessed amongst the children was something beyond words. After a tiring and fun packed morning they all are relished their food and got photographs clicked. It was indeed a great day for all the students and teachers, as it further strengthen the bond between them.
14 May 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula was elated as it’s students once again brought laurels to the school. In the Olympiad organized by ‘Orange Education’, Advik Tandon of class 2nd won a cash prize of Rs.750/- in the Mathematics Olympiad while, Daiwik Bhatt of class 3rd participated in the Science Olympiad and won a scholarship worth Rs. 3000/-. Both the students were felicitated in the school assembly and the other students were also motivated to rise up and actively participate in the various opportunities that are presented to them by the school.
11 May 2019

Doon Public School organised Mother's Day Activity for the classes III to IX during zero period. All the students were given colourful envelops and pens to write their feelings for their mothers on it. Children ardently penned down their intense emotions for their Supermoms in the form of 'Thanks Giving' letters to their angel 'Mothers', to be presented to them on the special occasion of Mothers Day.
07 May 2019

Yet another gracious moment to apprise boastfully that one of our budding Doonites, Arshia Singh of class 3, after her consecutive success in the first level of ‘Handwriting Olympiad’ held at Doon Public School and in the second level i.e the Pre-Finale held at Chandigarh, has now been qualified for the grand Finale to be held in Indore very soon.
03 May 2019

With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce Indigo colour, Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula celebrated ‘Indigo Day’. A day dedicated to the indigo colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of the colour Indigo. Focusing on the theme, the teachers planned art and collage activities in a lively, vibrant and high spirited environment. The art work of the kids was displayed on the soft boards. Cheerful children were sparkling with optimism, enlightenment and happiness and spent the day with utmost enjoyment.
03 May 2019

Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula celebrated the ‘International Energy Conservation Day’ to preach the need and importance of conserving energy amongst the students as they are our future. The school organized various fun activities & competitions, for classes VI – VIII a quiz based on energy conservation was held where as the senior classes IX – XII participated in the poster making competition, painting their beautiful ideas of conserving energy on the canvas.
01 May 2019

Doon Public School,sector-21, Panchkula celebrated ‘World Labour Day’ with full glory as the students of all the classes came together and collected various items of daily requirement and presented them to the working fourth class staff members of the school, where they were honoured as the students and the administration expressed their gratitude towards them. A gift hamper was gifted to them, serving as a token of appreciation and reorganization of their hard work and labour. The school also extended their feeling of gratitude as they went on barring the gifts for the underprivileged children and people of the society, celebrating their efforts and labour as well.
30 Apr 2019

Birthday Celebration at 'Buds 'N' Blooms'.
26 Apr 2019

Doon Public School,Sector-21,Panchkula, celebrated Green Fashion Show in a special assembly where the students of classes I to V walked the ramp in their beautifully crafted costumes made out of waste and recyclable material, conveying the message of Conservation of Natural Resources and to keep the Earth green and clean. A skit was also presented by the students on the topic ‘Save Earth’ followed by a speech and a poem on the same. The school dedicated an entire week observing The Earth Day, imparting the value of ‘Preserving the Earth’ amongst the students. Throughout the week many activities were organized like slogan writing, poster making, etc where the students participated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The Principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand, also addressed the students reflecting her views upon the topic to make the students aware of the need to conserve our Mother Earth.
23 Apr 2019

On the occasion of World Book Day, Doon Public School, sector-21, Panchkula, had organized various activities for the students with an aim of imbibing the value of book reading and with the vision of imparting the importance of books in one’s life. The various competitions included ‘Spellaton’, where the students of classes I to V proved their intelligence and caliber, spelling out the words very smartly and competently. On the other hand, the students of classes VI to XII reviewed the books of their choice in the ‘Book Review Competition’ with much efficiency and enthusiasm. The Principal, Mrs. Sunita Anand addressed and appreciated the efforts of all the students. The day ended with honouring many promising writers and aspiring readers.