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1. Every student should carry School Chronicle to the school every day.

2. Date of Birth & Name once entered in the Admission register will not be altered.

3. The students coming to the school by their own transport should arrive five minutes before the school starts.

4. Students coming late will get a 'LATE COMER' remark in their Chronicle . They will be also fined. Serious note will be taken in case of habitual lack of punctuality.

5. Students must be picked up timely after school hours. The school cannot be held responsible for the safety of any of the student beyond the school hours.

6. Students who come to the school with their parents/domestic helps/ rickshaws shall not be allowed to leave the school premises before the authorised person arrives. If the parent/guardian is delayed, they should report to the School Office. School will not be held responsible for any mishappening. Only authorised persons will be allowed to pick up the child.

7. No student will be allowed to leave school during working hours (except for medical reasons) and only members of the family carrying Parents ID Card are allowed to pick up their ward. No friends or cousins may be asked to do so.

8. Students will only be handed over to the parents/guardians. However, in case of any emergency during school hours, the escort should have the parent ID Card/written note/ authority letter from the parent, bearing the signature identical to the specimen signatures entered in this chronicle. Social functions, going out of station and sudden programmes will not be treated as emergencies.

9. Medically ill children should not be sent to school.

10. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards carry their tiffins & other things required in the school with them when they leave for the school in the morning. School does not accept any items sent through servants or friends during working hours due to security reasons.

11. Students must carry Text books/Notebooks according to the given Time-Table or as per the teachers' instructions.

12. Students are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives, any kind of weapon, tobacco, liquor or any other kind of dangerous materials to the school.

13. Lending or borrowing money or articles amongst students is not permitted.

14. Any damage done by the student to the building, furniture, library books, lab equipments, school property etc. is liable to be made good/ replaced by the parent.

15. Exchanging of expensive gifts on birthdays amongst students is not permitted.


1. Students are expected to submit leave applications on or before the day of absence only on the Leave Application forms given, or through an email.

2. Leave without an application is treated as 'ABSENCE'.

3. Repeated absence without leave application or unexplained absence for more than a week renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission will have to be sought.

4. Medical leave will be granted on provision of a medical certificate by a competent authority.

5. Students suffering from contagious diseases should not come to school even if there is an examination. They would be allowed to attend classes only after submitting a fitness certificate from the competent authority.


1. The school follows the Evaluation System framed by CBSE.

2. 90% attendance is compulsory to make the student eligible for the Summative Assessment.

3. No promotion to the next class will be allowed on the medical grounds.

4. Report of general progress is given in the Progress Report Cards. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year's continuous Academic & Conduct evaluation.

5. A student who uses unfair means during written assessments, tempers with marks, answer sheets or progress report card, shall not be passing that subject.

6. If any correction is to be made in the progress report card, it is to be brought to the notice of the school authorities within three days of the receipt of the report.

7. No leave is permissible during the Unit/Periodic-Term Examination Assessment except in case of illness. Date sheet and its details must be followed. The cases of illness are settled on the basis of the class performance in consultation with the teachers and his/her previous records. Medical certificate will have to be submitted, failing to do so, a grade will not be given.


1. The fee collection months are April, July, October, and January . However, see can paid on monthly basis also but only in school before 10th of every month

2. Timings of the Fee Counter in fee collection months are from 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 Noon in Summer and 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m in winter. 3. Fee can be deposited in Indian Bank, Sector-21, Panchkula also from 10:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m in the fee collection months on weekdays, School holidays would not be taken as an excuse. If the due date for the payment is on a Bank holiday the fee will be accepted on next working day without late fee charges. The Bank is open on all working days irrespective of School holidays.

4. Fee can be paid through school website before the last date of depositing fee. 5. There will be a late fee fine @ Rs. 30/- per day if the payment is made after the last date of the fee collection month. No application with regard to the omission of fine will be entertained.

6. Name of student will go off the rolls if the fee is not paid by the end of the fee collection month.

7. Once the name of the child is struck off for non payment of fee, re-admission in the school will depend on the availability of seat and with a re-admission fee.


1. Fee is payable for 12 months in the year and the child leaving the school after March must pay the fee for the month he is applying in.

2. One month notice in writing should be given by the parents before withdrawing their ward from school, failing which the parents will have to pay the fee for the entire month, he is applying in.

3. All dues of the school must be paid & library books returned before applying for a Transfer Certificate.

4. The school reserves the Right to Suspend/Rusticate those students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to others or whose parents/ guardians show little interest in the progress of their ward. Immoral behavior, grave insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to the school property is always a sufficient reason for the immediate dismissal/ suspension.


1. There is a Discipline Committee comprising senior students with a Teacher in-charge to check the punctuality, uniform and general behavior of the students.

2. Coming Late to school in the morning is against the norms.

3. You are expected to be neat and clean in your appearance by wearing a properly-ironed and well-creased school uniform

4. Shirts must remain tucked in at all times for both Boys and Girls of all classes.

5. Uniform trousers of the boys need to be of Straight Cut. No tight fitting/low-waist paints are permissible. Girls'uniform skirts should be knee lenth, neither too short nor too long

6. It is mandatory for the students to wear all the uniform related accessories viz: neck-tie, belt, Id-card, ribbons/hairband(for girls) etc. . daily in the school at all times. Neck-Tie and Blazer need to be worn properly with all buttons closed.

7. School shoes need to be well-polished daily. Students are not permitted to wear any fancy sport shoes with the uniform. Only prescribed WHITE sport shoes are allowed.

8. Hair must be neatly groomed. No fashion hair colours or non-conforming hairstyles for boys or girls will be acceptable. Expect very short standard haircut for Boys and Girls are expected to make their hair in two plaits using the prescribed color satin ribbons for long hair and prescribed color hair-band for short hair. Girls of class XI and above can make a single plait.

9. Fancy ornamental hairdos/clips are not allowed.

10. Applying make-up, nail-polish and henna on the palms or hair are strictly prohibited.

11. Nails must be clean and well-trimmed always, of both boys and girls.

12.Fancy ornaments such as watches, wristbands, bracelets etc, are strictly prohibited in the school, except small gold or silver studs/earrings for the girls only.

13. Mobile Phones/Mp3 Playrs/Smart Watches are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated immediately.

14. Non-compliance of the above instructions will not be taken lightly. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulters.


Accidents or mishaps can occur anytime. Thus the school should not be held responsible for such incidents. God forbid, in case of any such accidents, the child will be given only the 'First Aid' free of cost in the school. If need be the child will also be taken to the nearest doctor/hospital. However, the expenses for the same would have to be borne by the parents. Though the school takes all care to prevent such situations, but at times children get hurt. In such possibilities, the parents are requested to be tolerant and not make it an issue with the school authorities.


The students availing transport facility have to abide by the rules mentioned below. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of the transport facility.

1. At the time of departure the students should wait patiently and in orderly manner for the buses and board their respective buses as soon as they arrive. Students are expected to maintain discipline in the bus. 2. Use of abusive language or misbehaviour will lead to disciplinary action.

3. The senior students have to ensure that the junior students are given priority in seating.

4. The senior students are expected to ensure that no one damages the seats, window panes etc of the buses.

5. In order to avoid any mishap, the students are requested not to put any body part out of the window while in the bus.

6. Shouting or moving around in the bus is strictly prohibited as it can distract the driver.

7. They are expected not to throw anything out of the bus or tease any passer by.

8. In case any student wishes to discontinue the school transport, one month notice in writing should be given, failing which you would have to pay the Transport Fee for the entire month in question.

The senior students are strictly not allowed to come to school on scooters/Motor Bikes/Cars.
Only bicyle shall be allowed and the bicycles must be kept locked. Strict action would be taken againest defaulters.