Online Admission open for the Session 2020-21.All streams available.      

CONGRATULATION FOR 100% EXCELLENT CLASS X AND XII CBSE RESULT ........CLASS X - Harshit Mahajan (Mathematics 99, English 92, Science 93, Social Science 96, Hindi 90, Punjabi 93 ) , Medhavi ( Mathematics 100, Science 93, Social Science 95 ,Punjabi 92 , Information Technology 96) , Kirti Bhat (Mathematics 99, English 95, Science 92, Social Science 93, Information Technology 92) ,Shresty Tyagi (Mathematics 99, English 94, Science 90 ,Social Science 95, Information Technology 92 ),Mehak Garg (Mathematics 99, English 96, Social Science 95, Hindi 92, Information Technology 90), Akshit Bansal (Mathematics 98, Social Science 92 ,Hindi 94, Information Technology 96), Shaurya Prasad (Mathematics 94, English 99, Science 90 ,Social Science 90, Information Technology 94), Yashita Prajapati (Mathematics 93, English 97, Social Science 94, Hindi 95, Information Technology 96 ),Kumud Manan( Mathematics 96, English 92 ,Hindi 94), Samridh Sharma( Mathematics 90, English 92, Social Science 95 ),Bhumi Ahlawat (Mathematics 94 ,English 94, Social Science 91 ),Dev Singla (Mathematics 99, English 92, Science92), Shivam Kesri ( Mathematics 97 ,Social Science 94 Bhaavya Tuteja English 91 ,Hindi 91, Information Technology 90 ),Ravi Kumar Jha (Mathematics 96, English 90), Aanchal Negi (Mathematics 97 Nitish Kumar Pandit Mathematics 93), Kushal Ahlawat (Mathematics 90), Arnav Dwivedi (Mathematics 90 Madhurima Lidoo Social Science 90 Kirti Hindi 90) CLASS XII Science - Kushagra Gupta( English 92), Rydham Vashishtha( English 96), Raghav Manan (English 94 , Physical Education 93), Aakrit (English 95, Physics 95 , Chemistry 97, Biology 95 , Physical Education 93), Yuvrajpreet Singh Shienh (English 94, Chemistry 94, Computer Science 90),Kaamaakshi Bhat (English 97 , Physical Education 98), Pranjali Saini (English 96, Physics 95 , Physical Education 99), Saumya Unnikrishnan (English 90 , Physical Education 98), Bhavi Nandal (English 95 , Chemistry 95 , Biology 95 , Mathematics 95 , Physical Education 100 ),Malyaj Singh( English 94), Abhinav Thakur (English 93 ),Muskan Singh (English 95 , Physical Education 99 ),Jeevan Gurung (Physical Education 97 ),Utkarsh Rai (English 94), Nishita Khanna( English 91). CLASS XII Commerce - Himanshi (English 91 , Accountancy 95 , Economics 93 , Business Studies 94 , Physical Education 96), Sonal Sheoran( English 94 , Accountancy 95 , Economics 99, Business Studies 97 , Physical Education 96. Mandeep Kaur (English 90 , Economics 91 , Business Studies 94 , Physical Education 97), Jigmat Palmo (English 90 , Business Studies 92 , Physical Education 99), Nalin Chawla (English 95) CLASS XII Humanities Ankita Bora (English 98 , Psychology 97 , Political Science 98, Economic 92 , Physical Education 100 ),Nidhi Beri (English 91, Economic 91 , Physical Education 97), Pratishtha Singh Kunwar (English 94, Psychology 90, Physical Education 94), Eashy Dolkar English 94, Psychology 93 , Physical Education 98. Tsetan Dolkar Physical Education 92, Thinles Dolker, Physical Education 96. Tsering Nodol English 90, Psychology 91, Physical Education 94. Umang (Physical Education 92), Harpreet Kaur( English 92),Rigzen Yangdol (Physical Education 95)      

Online Classes are going on from Kindergarten onwards in full swing.      

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  2. A newly independent, futuristic and eco-friendly building for the Kindergarten christened as Buds 'N' Blooms’ has been constructed. This fully centrally air-conditioned environment friendly and green block fulfills every need of a tiny tot who takes his/her first step into the world outside. This home away from home provides them aesthetic appeal along with comfort, vibrancy and blissful surroundings with child and eco-friendly furniture from floor to ceiling. Focus has been laid on providing them an ambience that helps them in their physical, artistic, mental and innovative skill development. The teacher student ratio is 1:20.

  4. Located on the first and second floors of the school, this block consists of classes starting from grade I. It caters to appropriate ambience required for various age groups of the students. The classrooms are all well-furnished, well-ventilated, well-lit and fitted with the latest modern gadgets, keeping in mind the comfort and educational requirements of the students. Each class is a smart class enabled with curriculum modules for each and every subject and projectors. Notice-boards and bulletin-boards are placed in each class as well as in the corridors to keep the students updated as well as to display their creativity which helps to inculcate and incorporate their learning skills. The school adopts no homework policy for classes I & II. The teacher student ratio here is 1:20.

  6. The Senior Secondary classes are on the ground and first floor to ensure that the students are under constant supervision of the administration so that they can be guided and mentored in the best possible way. Apart from regular teaching, they are also taught using the latest gadgets and technology. We also arrange special classes to prepare them for their board exams as well for the various entrance exams at no extra cost. All four streams: - Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Humanities are provided to them. Apart from the main compulsory subjects in the first 3 streams, they are provided with an array of subjects to choose from in Humanities i.e. Psychology, Political science, Physical Education, Informatics Practices, Computer Science, Economics, Fashion Studies (ours is the only school in tri-city to provide Fashion Studies as a subject). The teacher student ratio is 1:20 which ensures personalized attention to each and every student by highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

  8. The laboratories are the place where all the action is! Laboratories are indispensible for all scientific studies. Theoratical teaching of the subject like Physics, Chemistry and Biology can’t be fully comprehended without the practical and experimental components involved in it. Our spacious labs are equipped with aesthetically stimulating and inspiring gadgets mandatory for the budding scientists. As modern science is fast moving and ever evolving, we keep on upgrading the equipment on the frontiers of science, also in adherence to the guidelines prescribed by CBSE.

  10. We believe that Mathematics is the Door and Key to the Sciences. It is not just about numbers, equations, compilations or algorithms but it is about understanding concepts. Therefore, we have our Maths Lab where mathematics becomes fun and experimental rather than a phobia. Different types of kits and tools are provided to the students to have access to internalising the concepts in an interesting way.

  12. Computer Science is an mandatory subject from class 1 onwards. So, we have two well equipped Computer Labs (Junior Computer Lab and Senior Computer Lab) that cater to the inquisitiveness of the students making them tech savvy and at pace with the latest developments using the latest gadgets, where the whole world and all answers are in front of them. These labs cater to their academic, informatics and recreational needs, making e-learning fun and interesting for their comprehension in the shortest possible time.

  14. The language lab is an audio-visual medium used as an aid to enhance the teaching of English language. The English language, as all are aware, has become essential in modern times; be it in any field. Proficient learning of the language is catered to with the use of various modules, to help students effectively learn pronunciation, phonetics, communication skills, grammar, listening and writing skills. The language lab provides each and every student, his own personal domain, in his own PC, to work at his or her own pace, under the guidance of specially trained faculty.

  16. The Psychology Lab helps to make students analytical, critical, observant, equipping them with logical reasoning of behavioural patterns, and helping them understand the intricacies of human nature in a better way. The lab helps the future psychologists to conduct experiments and study live specimens and models in order to facilitate and add on to their theoretical part, under the guidance of experienced faculty.

  18. Books for ages have been our guide to all answers, and what better place for them, than the Library. As Rachel Anders, “The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page”. The library at our school is the delivery room for the birthplace of new ideas and a place where history comes to life and provides a window to our future. This all happens in the biggest and spacious premises (in Panchkula as well as the Tricity) that flaunts a huge collection of books, reference books, encyclopedias, journals, newspapers. Our library not only has books in print but also inculcates e-learning by providing e-books to the students to satiate their hunger for knowledge and learning. We instil in them the habit of reading with the help of their mentors and the librarian. To inspire and motivate them to read voraciously, we give a trophy for an Avid Reader every year.

  20. In the Music and Dance rooms, the students learn to relax and be stress free. The students listen to learn and make music in order to dance to get refreshed and rejuvenated. Here the students learn music for their souls and learn to dance under the tutelage of the best of music faculty and choreography of experienced dance teacher. The students are trained in Vocal, Instrumental Music with emphasis on Indian Classical Music. A special mention of our Bhangra Team is a must here as it has won more than 25 awards at various competitions upto the State Level and is invited at various functions on Public Demand. The Doonites Rock Band is also gearing up to rock the city.

  22. The Art and Craft Studio is a place where the students become creative and innovate with all their heart and soul. Here the students can paint in various hues with various mediums or show their skills by ‘Doing It Yourself’ to showcase their talent under the guidance of a talented mentor to help them create their own mini-masterpieces. A special mention is in order since our faculty lays emphasis on creating innovative models out of waste material found in homes and in school.

  24. The Multimedia Theatre-cum-Mini Auditorium helps the students to break away from their monotonous routine by holding seminars, workshops, discussions ,shows as well as Inter-Class and Inter-House Competitions. The Theatre is also used to screen documentaries, movies and talk shows for the students.
    The coming up built main Auditorium can house more than 650 guests at one go. This will be used to hold functions on a large scale. By 2020 we shall be the only one in the Tricity to be equipped with the best and the latest infrastructure as per international standards.

  26. A full time doctor is at the beck and call of the students so that their fitness and health may not be neglected. They also render their services in case of an emergency. Regular medical & health check ups are also conducted on a regular basis. A proper health record is maintained with due participation and consultation of the parents of the wards also. We would also like to mention that all our students are insured.

  28. No institution can function without the support of its transportation facilities. For the comfort of the students and their parents we provide buses and vans to facilitate smooth commuting of the students. The vehicles are GPRS enabled with direct contact with the administrative department while taking students to and fro. We strictly follow the norms of “Surakshit School VahanYojna” as prescribed by the Govt. Each bus has a proper trained, certified and experienced driver mature lady attendant to look after the student's safe commuting in the school bus.

  30. Gates are guarded by trained guards and the entire campus is under CCTV survillience.