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Events Listing

The Literary Club of Doon Public School conducted an adult literacy event with an aim to educate and make aware, the helping staff and class-IV employees of the school. This move was undertaken by the student teachers of class IX and XI under the able guidance of their club in-charges. Notebooks and pens were given to the workers and they were initiated with its basic alphabet learning in English and First Aid in Science. This move has been started with a view to conduct it every fortnightly, till the end of the current session. Influential and motivational talk was given to the helpers to encourage them to indulge in study and to change their disposition and attitude.

As part of the Hindi Diwas Celebration and with the aim of encouraging the students to write neatly and present the content in proper manner, a Hindi Calligraphy Competition was held for the students of classes I to V. The students participated with full enthusiasm and showed excellent creativity through their writing skills.

It is imperative to educate young students on ‘Energy Conservation’ and make them capable to initiate slight changes towards saving energy and eventually the Earth. Keeping this notion in mind, a Poster Making Competition was held for the students of classes IV to IX. It was overwhelming to see the level of creativity in the participants. The competition witnessed several strong ideas and messages to conserve energy, thereby fulfilling the objective of the competition. The participants were assessed based on criteria like originality, creativity, impact of the message and overall presentation.

Doon Public School in association with Deaf basketball Association, Panchkula, hosted State Basketball Championship for the deaf, featuring teams from seven different Indian States. Shri M.L. Yadav, retired HCS, declared the championship open at the outdoor courts of the venue. All the teams put their skills on display during the game much to the delight of the spectators, present at the venue. The players were automatically attuned to the body language and the non-verbal cues to help them hear. Gurgaon team emerged victorious clinching the gold medal. Panchkula and Karnal teams were the second and the third placed teams respectively. Dr. Akash Gupta, a renowned sports physiotherapist and the chief Guest for the Closing-in-Ceremony, gave away the prizes to the winning teams.

To inculcate the love for environment and to relish the beauty of nature, the students were taken on a visit to a plant nursery. It was amazing to see them observe different plants and flowers. They were excited to interact with the gardener and got a live experience about how to take care of the plants.This field trip sensitized the students towards caring for the environment and the importance of planting more trees. It was a great day for the young ones.

Doonites celebrated Teachers’ Day to thank the teaching faculty for the contribution they make to the lives of the Doonites. The students organised many fun – filled activities for the teachers. They expressed their gratitude through various speeches and poems. Flowers were offered to the portrait of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in whose honour Teachers’ Day is celebrated. The students left no stone unturned to make the day a memorable one for their teachers and this made the bond between the teachers and their students even stronger.

(U -51Kg) Boys Taekwondo Teamshowed their worth at Panchkula Inter School Tournaments by bagging the gold medal. The Doon Shuttlers (U - 19) Boys Team won the silver medal and Table Tennis Boys Team (U - 14) and (U - 19), won the bronze and silver medals respectively. Doonites also got the 2nd place in District Youth Basketball Championship, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in Onyx Cup Taekwondo Championship and a gold medal in Independent Cup Taekwondo Championship.

The kids of Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section enthusiastically celebrated Krishna Janmashtami by participating in various cultural programmes. The teachers explained the significance of Janmashtami to the students. Beautiful decorations were put up to make this event more cheerful and colourful. The students took part in activities like drawing, painting and crown making. They danced on the tunes of ‘garba’ and enjoyed the day to the fullest.

A ‘Slumber Party’ was organised for the tiny tots of the Kindergarten Section, Buds ‘N’ Blooms. The children came wearing their pajamas and slippers to school and were thrilled to see their classmates and teachers do the same. They also brought their favourite pillow and a buddy- a stuffed animal they like to cuddle, along with them. The regular routine was replaced with a series of special activities including bedtime stories and learning about the importance of sleep in our life. The classrooms were decorated with lots of stars and moons. The teachers provided a cozy atmosphere and encouraged friendship among their young students. The giggle of excitement and surprise throughout, surely set the tone for the day of fun.

Rakhi Making Activity was undertaken in the classes I and II in which the children whole-heartedly show cased their creative skills along with their festive glee.

Show ‘n’ Tell Activity for classes I and II was conducted to embellish and encourage the oratory skills among the pupils. All the children participated with full zeal and vigor and they were applauded for their performances.

An ‘Inter School Performing Arts’ competition with the theme ‘Krishna Leela’ was held by ‘Rachna Kala Sangam’, an NGO to promote art and culture. It was sponsored by Brig and Mrs. Aggarwal, in fond memory of their daughter Rachna Aggarwal. Teams from eight different schools participated in the competition and mesmerized the audience with their energetic performance of the Dance Drama-‘Krishna Leela’ and took the audience to a state of trance. The team of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sec-15, Panchkula won the competition. The team of Doon Public School, Sector-21, Panchkula grabbed the Runner-up trophy. The Chief Guest of the occasion, Dr. Shobha Kosar, along with Mrs. Jyoti Dogra and Mrs.Harinder Kahlon the guests of honour, gave away the prizes. Dr. Shobha Koser, while addressing the audience said that such events provide a platform to those who are interested in various art forms and that it also boosts their confidence.

Doonites celebrated the 71st Independence Day with great gusto. The entire school was festooned with colours of the Indian Flag. The Chief Guest for the day, Shri Balwinder Singh Jammu, Ex-President, Chandigarh Press Club and the Guest of honour, Mrs. Jyoti Dogra, Super Classic Mrs. India, 2018, unfurled the national flag and this was followed by a colourful programme with the theme “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata”. It was an assemblage of events ranging from patriotic songs to dances with the message of peace and unity in diversity. The entire school was involved in its making which instilled patriotic fervor among the staff and the students. All the performances were enjoyed to the hilt by the audience. In the end of the ceremony, refreshments were distributed among the students.

Abhishek Pandit, a student of class IX impressed one and all with his project work on "Disaster Management". He showed the natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in a very creative manner.His creativity was shown to all the students so that they could make good use of their time and knowledge to do something productive.

A Pool Party was organised to beat the heat and to have fun. The little ones were splendidly dressed up in colourful swim suits and thoroughly enjoyed by splashing water on each other and dancing and jumping to different tunes. The entire pool area was decorated with colourful balloons and pom-poms. The children enjoyed getting wet under the sprinklers. The teachers made sure that the kids were provided with high level of safety. They also told them about the importance of conserving and reusing water.

An Inter House Quiz Competition was organised for classes I to XII under three categories- classes I to II, classes III to V, classes VI to XII. The quiz was conducted in a very interactive way and the teams skillfully answered the questions asked to them.The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing and exciting. Freedom House, Forward House, Peace House won the competition respectfully which brought joy to the participants and their teachers.

Red Day was Celebrated on 30th July at post office sector-8.

Tree Plantation Programme was held in the school premises to bring the students closer to the environment. In the spirit of the day, the students brought small saplings to be planted in and around the school premises. The teachers spoke about the importance of trees and how important it was to adopt eco-friendly development measures to save our planet Earth. The program was inspiring for the students as they received motivation to save the environment and take care of it. On the PTM day, the parents were also presented with saplings.

A seminar on ‘The Pressure on children : Reasons and Remedies’ was held at the school. The speaker, Mrs. Sushma Sharma speaking at the occasion said that pressure on the children to succeed makes them feel less inspired and more threatened and it can backfire severely and end up affecting them negatively in a number of different ways like hyper activity, depression, conduct disorder, helplessness etc. She also spoke about the remedies for the same.

Tributes were paid to Shri Udham Singh on his martyrdom day. Speaking at the occasion Mr. Jagdish Bhagat & Ms Rajwant Mann of Shaheed Jagriti Manch said that Sh. Udham Singh waited for 21 years to avenge the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh and thus laid the foundation of the freedom of the nation. They said that the legacy bestowed by the martyrs who sacrificed their lives at the altar of freedom can never be forgotten.

Lecture on ‘Disaster Management’ was organized to ensure that the decisions made on the day of a crisis are not only made quickly and effectively but that they are correct and automatic responses arising out of the time spent on pre-planning for disaster. The speakers, Mr. Guru Parshad, Advisor, Disaster Management, Panchkula and Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Training Officer, imparted training on safety measures in case of a quake or fire accident, to the students and the staff of the school. They also told them about the rights and legal remedies available and the mode in which the benefits of the schemes announced by the government can be availed.

It was a matter of great pride for the Doon family to welcome Mrs. Jyoti Dogra, Ist Runner Up of ‘Mrs. Punjab Contest’. She shared her experiences with the staff and the students and said that ‘Mrs. India’ celebrates beauty in diversity of Indian Married Women and it is a national platform that offers gateway to world’s premium beauty peagents. Enjoying the support of her family and friends Mrs. Jyoti Dogra is confident of winning the ‘Mrs. India, 2018 Contest’ which will give her the opportunity to carry forward her dream of giving back to the society in her own humble way.

‘Pink Day’ was celebrated in Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the kindergarten section with great enthusiasm. The children came dressed in shades of pink and brought with them pink coloured toys to share and play with their friends. The tiny tots made pink flowers in the ‘Best Out of Waste’ activity. The corridors and the classrooms were decorated with pink balloons, fairy lights and hearts. The blooming buds danced to the foot-tapping numbers and went home with a broad smile on their face and their share of strawberry flavoured oreo cookies.

The honourable Principal Capt. Sanjay Anand, SM released the newly published book – ‘Evolving Middle Class : Need for Course Correction!’ authorized by Col. Sat Prakash Marwaha, at Doon Public School premises. The subject of the book concerns the future generations of our society. The author has penned six books till now. He is a retired army officer and a veteran of 1971 war. He had the honour of presenting his second book ‘National Agenda – Progressive Development of the Nation’ to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the Ex-President of India.

‘Mango Party’ was organised at Buds ‘N’ Blooms , the Kindergarten Block to celebrate the season of the king of fruits ‘MANGO’ . The children came dressed in shades of yellow and so did the teachers. The teachers and children engaged in various creative activities in the class room enabling them to associate with the shape, form and size of a mango better than before. During the lunch time, children relished the varieties of mangoes they had brought as special tiffins. Having thoroughly enjoyed the day, children left the school clutching to the yummy take-away mangoes beautifully wrapped in brown paper bags, as a reminder of the fun-n-learn mango party.

The lazy days of summer are over. The new school year is here, which means new teachers, new friends, new uniform and hopefully some renewed study habits.
Tip 1: Have the Proper School Supplies
Most of the teachers would inform you the first day of the requirement of the subject you are studying. Make sure that you get the specified supplies and keep yourself organized.
Tip 2: Get an Agenda!
The academic year will get busier by each passing day. Having an agenda will definitely help you with time management. Tip 3: Know Your Course Syllabus Knowing what you are studying and how much you have to study is the first step to scoring good grades.
Tip 4: Do Not Procrastinate.
Dedicating a little bit of time EVERYDAY to your subjects is definitely going to positively impact your grades and make you a better student.
Tip 5: Know What is Expected of you
It is very important to know what your teachers are expecting from you. Pay attention to whatever the teacher tells you. This will help you with a smooth start of your school year.
Tip 6: Get Involved
Getting involved with you school community or actively participating in the co-curricular activities will help you pursue your interests and in meeting peers who have similar interests as you.
Tip 7: Learn What Type of Learner You Are
Identifying this will help you in forming your study habits and will definitely lead to higher test scores.
Tip 8: List your Academic Goals
Write out a list of goals that you want to achieve by the end of this school year. Having a list can be a driving and motivating force to help you work to achieve these goals.

Congratulation Doonites!

The little ones of Buds 'N' Blooms beating the heat during 'Pool Party' in colorful swimming costumes.

Inter House English Declamation Competition was held at Doon to build confidence and hone oratory skills among students. The competition was held under three categories – classes III to V, classes VI-VIII and classes IX to XII. The students were judged for the expression, fluency and awareness. As many as 12 students participated and declaimed on various topics like ‘Shhh……. The nation is sleeping’, ‘School going children-lazy & disease prone’, ‘Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Garima Jindal of class III of Unity House, Mansha Yadav of class VII and Sonal Sheoran of class XI, both of Freedom House won the first position in the respective categories.

The students of Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section had a jovial time during their visit to a park. They spent quality time in the beautiful company of nature, watching butterflies and insects. They ran around and played together many fun games. They enjoyed the delicious tiffins prepared by their moms. The visit was quite refreshing and educative and the kids connected to nature in all the right ways.

School celebrated Mother’s Day to express love, affection and esteems for the mothers, the truest friend and guide, any child can have. The students exhibited their gratitude for mothers in the form of poems, speech and dance numbers, which enthralled the audience. They conveyed their best wishes through cards and small gifts. The mothers were shown a Power –Point Presentation emphasizing the power of motherhood. The mothers participated in fun filled games and activities like Healthy Tiffin & Best Out of Waste Competitions. This was followed by prize distribution and high tea for the mothers. They in turn thanked the school management for organizing such a function in their honour.

Keeping with the ethos of the School for looking after our environment, solar panels of 40 KV were installed on the roof top of the school, which were inaugurated by Mr. Vishal Seth, Technical Advisor, Government of Haryana. During the Interactive Session, he shared his views with the students about how solar panels harness the sun’s energy to help power the school and being green is not only going to benefit the environment but also benefit the quality of life of our pupils and community in the days to come. He said it was very important to teach the students, the citizens of the future to conserve energy and be part of a greener community.

International Energy Day was celebrated in the form of ‘Inter House Extempore Competition’ for classes I-V and Inter House Science Quiz for classes VI-XII in the school premises. In the extempore, the students spoke vehemently on the topics, conservation of natural resources and saving energy. They came up with their perspective regarding the same. The quiz was conducted in a very interactive way and the teams skillfully answered the questions asked. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing and exciting. The Unity House won the extempore and the quiz competition.

School known for passion and commitment to teaching profession, once again has been ranked as one of the best school in the Top School of India Ranking Survey 2017, conducted by Digital Learning Magazine. It was a great moment for the entire Doon family.

To commemorate the Labour Day, the students celebrated Labour Day as Helper’s Day on May 01, 2018. The celebration began with the students expressing their love and gratitude for the helpers, by presenting them with thanks giving greeting cards. This was followed by a melodious song by the ‘Doon Choir’. Some interesting games were organised for them which they thoroughly enjoyed playing, amidst the thundering rounds of applause by the teachers and students. In the end, helpers were presented with a token of appreciation for their selfless services, followed by a sumptuous lunch. The helpers were overwhelmed being part of the function and expressed their gratitude towards the principal, teachers and students for their endeavour in making them feel special.

Measles and Rubella vaccination camp was held at School premises on April 25, 2018. Students of classes Pre-Nursery to XII were administered the vaccine with the parents’ consent by a team comprising of Dr. Nidhi and 03 Asha workers from General Hospital, Sector-6, Panchkula. The camp was part of the nationwide campaign to eliminate measles and congenital rubella syndrome by 2020. Three rooms were used during the vaccination drive – one for administering the vaccine, the rest for taking rest and observation. The camp was a huge success with teachers and parents of the students becoming active part of the campaign.

An ‘Intra Class Spell Well Competition’ was held on April 23, 2018 for classes III to V with an aim to help students to learn to spell quickly, accurately and with comprehension and also encourage students to explore the English language. The competition was well received by the students and they participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The tiny tots of Buds ‘N’ Blooms, the Kindergarten Section had a fabulous opening week in the school as they were welcomed with sweets and ‘Smiley Badges’. They toured the school premises getting familiarized with the surroundings, playing on the swings and enjoying the nature. The teachers helped them settle well in the new environment. Buds ‘N’ Blooms is located in a separate block equipped with modern amenities, large airy, spick and span rooms with colourful furniture. This provides absolute physical and emotional security to students. Smart Classes have been introduced to provide hands on exploratory learning with fun filled, experience in each section of the class. At Buds ‘N’ Blooms, every day is a new day for the teachers as well as the children.

School celebrated World Earth Day with a promise to reduce plastic pollution. Doonites are very much aware of the fact that World Earth is vital to our overall mission to broaden and diversify the environment safety. The students of classes I to V used plastic bags to make ‘best out of waste’ items like table mats, coasters, baskets etc. The students of classes VI to IX prepared power point presentations with ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ as the theme that showed how decomposing plastics are creating serious global problems and how rejecting, reducing, reusing and recycling plastics can help us save our environment.

School celebrated the investiture ceremony for the academic year 2018-19 on April 16, 2018. The Principal, Capt Sanjay Anand, SM invested the House Captains, House Prefects and Club Prefects with their badges. Oath taking ceremony was held where the badge bearers pledged to serve the school and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their ability, knowledge, duty and discipline in accordance to the vision and mission of their almamatar. The students dressed in resplendent house colours, marching to the beat of the day, added to the grandeur of the event. It was a day imbued with a sense of pride, humility and leadership.

Kirti Bhat of class X brought laurels to the school by winning the Hindustan Times Scholarship Program 2017-18. She was awarded the Northern Region Hindustan Times Scholarship of Rs.25000/-, a scholarship certificate and a trophy at Indian School of Business, Mohali. She wrote an article on ‘Importance of Social Media in Today’s World’ and also faced an interview and emerged the winner.

To mark the culmination of three years of hard work actualization of goals and development of a child, Doon Public School , Sector -21 , Panchkula acknowledged its UKG students in the form of ‘Graduation Day ‘, held at Doon’s Buds ‘N’ Blooms , with a gracious stepping forward to Class – I. Little toddlers received their degrees in blue gowns and smart caps . The Chief Guest, Shri AS Anand, Manager, Doon Public School, congratulated the students and their parents on the occasion and appreciated the efforts of the school in the right direction. The graduation ceremony was followed by the prize distribution wherein the academic stars and the winners of the different events held during the session 2017-18 were awarded with prizes and certificates of excellence.

It was a proud moment for the School, when the Principal Capt Sanjay Anand, SM was felicitated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Excellence Award for outstanding Individual Achievement and Distinguished Services to the Nation by Hon’ble Shri Shivraj V. Patil former speaker Lok Sabha, Union Home Minister and Governer of Punjab on Sunday October 15, 2017 at India International Centre, New Delhi.